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Strategic Plan

I can’t believe my last blog post was in May of 2021. The previous two years have flown by and we have seen a lot of changes in that time. There has been a lot of growth in our scouts and our committee. Probably the biggest change was the move from United Methodist Church to Community Church. Coming out of COVID it has felt like we have been in survival mode just dealing with the things we needed for the troop to survive. I believe in the process we have not only survived but actually thrived. We have 32 scouts on our roster and 16 adults. Of those 32 scouts, 21 (65%) recently attended summer camp earning close to 60 merit badges!

The topic of my last blog was “Change is Coming” and we have seen that change and more. Our committee is very engaged and there have been many discussions about what more needs to be done. I am working on formalizing these items into a strategic plan so we can move from discussion to implementation. The troop has always had a very strong foundation which is a testament to the many adults that have committed their time and resources to the troop. Without them, our troop would have folded like so many others have.

Over the next 30-60 days you can expect to see updates to our website and will also be seeing communications coming from the troop related to changes and promotions we are planning to implement. We want BSA Troop 604 to be recognized as a resource within the community and an organization that parents want their young men and women to be a part of. Please share any thoughts you have with me via e-mail [email protected].

One of the first things I am implementing is regular blog posts. There will be at least 3 posts each week. We will have Merit Badge Wednesday where we look at either a specific merit badge or a topic related to merit badges. Wednesday will be Wilderness Wednesday focusing on topics related to outdoor skills, camping, survival techniques, and exploring nature. Fun Fact Friday will be lighthearted and entertaining with interesting and lesser-known facts about scouting, scouting history, famous scouts, and scouting traditions. If you want to submit a guest blog post on one of these topics, or another topic related to our troop or scouts, just e-mail it to me at the address above.


Yours in scouts – Kip Ferguson – Scoutmaster

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